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Bioregional Animism for the Urban Witch


Humans have severed ourselves from the non-human environment, dreaming bigger and better and brighter than life on this planet thought capable - but at a high price. The spirits of the natural world have been abused and exploited and in their mistreatment they have become angry. Great storms brew, droughts and floods worsen, temperatures rise. When humans forget that we are connected to the non-human world around us, our spiritual and physical health suffer. Bioregional animism is a philosophy and practice that aims to mend the rift between human and non-human, allowing the two to inform and aid one another.


Join hedgewitch and environmentalist Rowan Alexa in a class that will explore the meaning and importance of bioregionalism, the colonial and capitalist roots of human estrangement from nature, and how to incorporate bioregionalism into a modern urban magical practice. We will also learn how to create a genius loci profile for a given bioregion. Come away from the workshop with a deeper understanding of how space and place informs magic.


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