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Introduction to Psychedelics in Ritual with Dr Alexander Cummins

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The term 'entheogen' emerged in the 1970s. From the Greek, it literally means ‘becoming divine within’. Many people who become involved in psychedelics explore ideas outside of the standard Western scientistic materialism cosmology: such as energetic models, telepathic communication, the reality of ancestors, helping spirits and other entities. In short, magic. So what better way to equip those looking to explore psychedelics, consciousness, and collectivity than by training in some magical techniques?

In this class, Dr. Alexander Cummins will guide participants on how to plan, implement, and integrate psychedelic experiences using occult and natural magical techniques. We will explore how divination can be used to plot ceremony, set intentions, and create safe and intimate containers. We will investigate a variety of magical practices that can assist in engaging with entheogens including breathwork, scrying, and visualisation. Finally, we will discuss a few magical ways for turning these often incredibly intense experiences into something meaningful; extracting information that can be integrated back into our everyday lives.