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The Cult of Spirits : A Performance Installation

Hybridas Morte Ritual Skull.jpg

The Cult of Spirits performance installation is a conjuring, a ritual, a spell.

Sculpture, music, live performance, fragrance and photography create an immersive installation, calling forth spirits while sanctifying the ritual object. The installation is about loss as much as it is about creation and balance. We challenge the sterility of western death as we create a space of ritualized music, movement and art, finding the sacred in the modern era. The performance installation is both an act of mourning and a celebration of rebirth. We will harness the elements to create our story, the artists as shaman, as we unfold the tale of life and death and life again.

Large scale daguerreotypes line the walls: the specters caged in metal. True spirits of the artist’s invention, they are hauntingly nostalgic, crying forth from the netherworld. A large pendulum is suspended above a ritual table holding two ritual /scrying bowls, one of life, with flora bursting from it’s ceramic base, the other of death, bone white, and encrusted with geodes and teeth. Hybrid skulls set amidst them teem with lichen and moss- promises of rebirth, or remain austere with white crystals and salt, harbingers of death. 

The whole piece is a volley of light and dark, and serves to encompass the viewer, while demanding self reflection, searching and conjuring. The magical element lies within the lyrics of the Lex Requiem, and the ritualized objects, used in spell work.

Gallery Hours:
May 5th - 7pm to 10pm
May 6th - 12pm to 6pm

Opening night performance from 8pm-9pm