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Entering an Alpha State: Techniques, Triggers, and Long Distance Healing


Join Ana Campos for a workshop on meditative states and entering an altered state of mind. By entering an Alpha state, you alter your brain waves, allowing yourself to tap into your subconscious. In an Alpha state, you are able to affect energetic vibrations, and are more open to receiving outside information.

This workshop will combine both theory and practice. You will learn what an Alpha state is and how it can be used for meditation, spellwork, healing, and more. We will then go through a series of exercises and techniques to practice entering an Alpha state, through the use of breath, motion, visualization, and sound. We will end the workshop by learning to use our alpha states to perform long distance diagnostics and healings. 

Bring with you: Pen and paper for taking notes.

Later Event: June 30
Shamanic Journey Workshop