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Horoscope / Dolce / L’éclipse Nue / Endless Chasm / K Keays + DJ


Chthonic Streams presents

Horoscope is the multimedia project of Miami native and Brooklyn resident, Rene J Nunez Cabrera. Cabreraʼs live performances are as much a raw, uncensored vehicle of personal catharsis as they are a ritualistic forecast of what the future may hold. Utilizing modular synthesis, he explores liminal spaces through washes of staticky melody.

Dolce is the New Orleans-based harsh noise project of Mary Scott. Sets consist of layers of mixer feedback that ranges from blistering and unlistenable to delicate and tender. No frequency is off limits. Formed four years ago after a significant death, traces of Dolce’s first feedback recordings still linger in the most current live material. For thrashing or hiding your face in your hands.

L'eclipse Nue is an industrial / noise unit which began in Tokyo, Japan in 2009. Their sound is a disturbing, noisy mixture of synthesizers, samplers, vocals and effects. The unit consists primarily of one member, OPR Opco (a.k.a. Daniel Sine), with occasional guest appearances and collaborations with other artists. One of the things that set L'eclipse Nue apart from much of the rest of the Tokyo noise scene was the presence of vocals and audible lyrics, a dark, gothic sensibility, and a tendency to defy the rather conservative genre boundaries observed by their peers. As of April, 2016, L'eclipse Nue has relocated to Hartford, CT, USA.

Drones, dark atmospheres, field recordings from hypothetical landscapes. Newest release on Chthonic Streams will be available at the show.

K. Keays is a Queens, NY artist who guides the hand of a ferromagnetic organism turning in upon itself. Forthcoming releases on New Forces, Thousands of Dead Gods & Ascetic House.

Interim music by DJ Derek Rush
8PM-11PM / $10

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