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Healing Sutra Workshop Series - Part 2


This “Healing Sutra” Workshop Series is all about re-igniting your magic, your God/Goddess within, your real presence which has being veiled by your ego-self.

Healing is many a times touted as only clearing energies and energizing, but in its whole totality healing is manifesting.

Our aura stores our emotions, thoughts, karma, energies of abundance, prosperity, happiness and fulfillment and corresponds directly to the subconscious. When we have too much of worry-ness, fear, doubts and negativity, the heavy energies cover up much space.

When they take up the space, good, refined, positive energies can’t come in and thus they are not translated into our life. Our success in manifestation depends upon how much space we have for the energies to take place in us and our life. 

Healing Sutra thus is a workshop for healing and manifesting, helping you understand blockages, difficulties and learnings faster so that you heal the right energies, work with attracting the right ones too.


In part 2, we’ll work through the power of sacred symbolism which not only is potent in healing but produces instantaneous results. I’ll be introducing two of my personal symbols which has till now worked magic for me. The space we live in holds a lot of energies that can block and create difficulty and problems for our health (mental, emotional & spiritual) and manifestations. Learn how to clean them without spending hours and learn to heal with sound and symbols. 

The crystals are “beings” storing the right energy, learn how to store them with symbols and sound and how to program them for your highest good.

The information you gather here is about:

1.  Sacred Symbolism

2.  Using Symbols

3.  Space & Healing

4.  Healing Space with Sound

Paulamie is a Yogini, a healer versed in Angel, Pranic, Reiki, Shamanism and have devised her own healing technology with the energy & symbols. She is a manifestation coach, spiritual mentor, shamanic practitioner, Angel empowerment & Meditation Coach, a Tarot Master, Angel Card Reader, and Numerologist. She heals and helps in expansion of the emotional and mental consciousness and issues which leads to the successful manifestation of dreams and a life we have looked forward to. Relationships that we want to hold on forever, love we like to create in our reality, prosperity and health of our mind, body and emotion. Paulamie’s experience and deep insights with honesty and compassionate dealings is what makes her the most sought-after manifestation and spiritual mentor. She is also a student of Vedic astrology and is in close attunement with the soul-power and works in attunement to the Guardian Angels, Archangels, Soul-power. For more information please visit

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