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Introduction to Sigils & Magical Symbols


The world of witchcraft is laden with esoteric symbolism, and in no way is this practice mor peronalized than in the creation of magical sigils. Sigils are practical symbols, designed to remove intentions from the conscious mind into the subconscious mind, where they can be charged and worked with as expressions of the will. But did you know you can also make sigils from music? Or a recipe? Or even emojis?

In this workshop, Catland co-owner Melissa Madara will cover the basics of sigil-craft, from drawing your own sigils to charging them, and even discuss a few practical applications of sigil magic that are a little off the beaten path. Students will be invited to make their own sigils using a number of different classical and modern formats, and leave with a complex understanding of this unique magical art. 

$15 per student

Melissa Madara is a co-owner at Catland, a folk witch & an herbalist. Her work deals with the healing power of storytelling, divination, and mastery of the natural world. She is a teacher at Catland Books and numerous other metaphysical spaces in NYC, and available for herbal consultations, tarot, and spellwork questions by appointment.

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