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Herbs and Crystals for Protection, Uncrossing, and Grounding


Do you absorb all of the energies and feelings around you when you step out into the world? Need to learn how to better ground and shield before your ritual work? Feeling like you need some protection or uncrossing magic in your life? Come out and learn about all of these things as we explore thru herbs, crystals, and rituals ways to ground your energy, strengthen your protective auric field, break hexes, and bounce away unwanted energies.


Rebecca Fey teaches workshops on magical and medicinal herbalism, crystal work, candle magick, astrology, and tarot. She began her herbal journey as an apprentice at Flower Power in 2004 under Lata Chertri Kennedy. Rebecca currently teaches at Flower Power, Catland, Black Iris, and Sixth Street Community Center. She also runs Kettle of Magick product line available for sale at Flower Power, Commodities Natural Foods, and Black Iris. Her work has been featured in Yoganonamous and Garden Collage Magazines.