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Drumbeats of the Sky Shamans: Siberian and North Asian Spirituality


What would you think of if I asked what you know about the spiritual traditions of Siberia, Mongolia, and other lands north of the Great Wall? Besides Buddhism and perhaps the tales of Genghis Khan, have you heard of the Children of the Blue Wolf, the Reindeer people, and the sacred Bear and Fire ceremonies? How about folk practices such as white horse blessings, cleansings by fire and sacred arshaan water, and soul retrieval? How do the people of the steppes and taiga (and the land formerly known as the "Tartary") honor and work with the spirits of the land and of the ancestors?

In this lecture, we will explore some of these spiritual traditions from the Caspian Sea to the Pacific Ocean, a vast region often described as the "cradle of Shamanism". The presentation formally begins at 6pm, but attendees may arrive up to half an hour earlier to observe displayed multimedia, as well as the spiritual preparations and setup that will be made for the lecture.

$15 advance / $20 at the door

David Shi is an Animistic worker and folk magician of Manchurian descent. Raised in a household that incorporated both Southeast Siberian and North Chinese practices, David has dedicated his spare time to the study of the spiritual traditions of his ancestors and of greater Eurasia. Recognized as an ongodtengertei, a future shaman prior to initiation, among both Mongolian and Korean shamans, David’s practices are deeply rooted in spirit work in which ancestral and land spirits are called to empower all workings. In addition to his ancestral spiritual practices, David has also been trained/immersed in African-American Hoodoo/rootwork by teachers from within the tradition, participated in numerous Pagan rituals with various NYC covens, and researched the academic & spiritual uses of the Norse runes and their possible connection to the ancient Turkic Orkhon runes. David’s readings incorporate a combination of Tarot, Runes, Bones, and Jaw-harp. David is the author of the book “North Asian Magic: Spellcraft from Manchuria, Mongolia, and Siberia,” conducted workshops at both Catland Books as well as the Hoodoo Heritage Festival sponsored by the Lucky Mojo Curio Company, and was the featured guest on the radio shows “Candelo’s Corner” by Candelo Kimbisa and “On Sacred Ground” by Khi Armand. David also teaches the Korean traditional drumming art of Poongmul-nori.