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Channeling: How to Give Readings from Spirit & Develop Channeling Skills


What's the difference between psychic readings and readings with Spirit?

This class will focus on techniques for communicating with the Spirit world of Guides, Goddesses, and Helpers. We will practice asking for information in-the-moment to learn more deeply how our Spirit helpers reach out to us. We will also practice giving mini readings to each other!

So, we will learn the ethics and composition that Spirit readings work with, which is different from psychic readings.

This class is important for understanding how to build your language with Spirit even in you already connect with your Guides...for those of you who are newer to this idea, it will clarify for you what your Guides feel like in-the-moment. Essential for learning how to KNOW THYSELF beyond your physical self.. This class is particularly helpful on the technical side, so whether you are wanting to communicate with Divinities more clearly, or to connect with your personal guide, cultural guides, or even ancestors, this class will strengthen your perceptive and receptive abilities.

$20 per student

Later Event: May 15
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