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Astrological Houses: An Introduction


The energies of the planets and signs are powerful and motivate us in various ways. Knowing the house system of astrology can help us understand more about how we direct our energies in this life and how we can better make sense of why we act the way we do. Houses tell us where the planets are, which signs influence specific areas of life, and also how introverted or extroverted we are.

Today we examine the houses and see examples of how the various energies from planets and signs communicate with them.


Garrett Hall is a self-taught astrologer from Harlem, NY. He became interested in astrology when it seemed to answer many of the questions he had in life that neither science nor religion could answer. This interest has grown from a pastime to a passion as he read more charts and started to see the magic with his own eyes. Now, his dream is to spread astrology to as many people as possible to help them innerstand themselves and take control over their lives.