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Italian Trance Ritual with Karyn Crisis


Enter the realm of ancient trance:

An integral part of Italian shamanism, this is a type of meditative experience where the feminine divinities enter our personal space and attune us to their frequencies.

In Italian shamanism the shaman is defined by its relationship with the spirit world.

In this workshop we’ll learn through experience:

-To Purify and set our sacred space’s boundaries with traditional Italian fumigation...

-We'll Practice a special meditation with charged suggestions to raise our receptive

vibrations to that of the spirit world of divinities before we invite them back down to our

earthly bodies to entrance us in a journey of sensations.

$25 per student

Karyn Crisis, author of "Italy's Witches and Medicine Women Vol 1" and teacher of Golden Bough School’s channeling, mediumship, and Italian shamanism will lead the attendees through the meditations and speak invocations and prayers from her Italian lineage to bring the feminine divinities of this path into our sacred space.

What you feel, sense, see, experience is in the loving hands of the divinities themselves who preside over the trance.

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