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Beginner Witch Study Group

Join us for our new monthly collective gathering: Beginner Witch Study Group!

Each month, we will come together and share space and skill sets as we tackle a variety of topics and even more questions with open debate and discourse in order for each of us to walk away feeling more confident in our own personal set of beliefs and ideas. Any attendee may put forth a topic for the group to analyze and discuss, allowing each of us to share our own experiences and expertise!

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, we are making space for forty students to attend per month, so reserve a free ticket ahead of time to ensure there will be space! Bring a friend, a notebook and a good pen, a bottle of water and an open mind!

Facilitated by Co-Owner Dakota Bracciale


Dakota is one of Brooklyn’s premier witches, diviners and spiritual workers. They are a reader, educator and co-owner at Catland Books in Brooklyn, NY & the founder of Black Hand Conjure. They have enjoyed international recognition for events like Hex Trump & Hex Brett Kavanaugh, and their work has been featured in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Vogue, Huffington Post, VICE, Broadly, Buzzfeed, TIME, Newsweek and MTV.