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Herbs & Crystals for Dreamwork


Please join Catland in welcoming Rex Renée Leonowicz for this exciting new workshop!

We all have active dream lives even if we don’t always or ever remember our dreams. We are constantly working out conscious, unconscious, and subconscious issues in our dreams, lessons which we integrate into our waking lives and psyches. The dream world is a very potent landscape, indeed!

In this workshop, we will learn about and explore various herbs and crystals that are useful to dreamwork and how to work with them. With a focus on accessibility, we will focus on herbs and crystals that are generally easy to find and straightforward to use. We'll also talk about some herbs we can forage right here in Brooklyn. We'll discuss how to pair herbs and crystals together for protection before and during dreaming, dream recall, lucid dreaming, and other dream techniques. We'll go in depth on a handful of herbs and crystals and I'll also provide a larger list for participants to take home with more in-depth info. There will be time for participants to share and discuss their experiences with dreaming and ask questions.