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Chiron In Aries - Healing The Ego Within


 You may have heard of astrologers mention Chiron recently or have noticed Chiron in your birth chart? Chiron is having a moment, because it has just entered Aries and will be in this fiery sign until 2027. In this class we will cover the mythology of Chiron, its meaning in your birth chart, and why its latest transit in Aries will inspire you to heal your ego. It is time to accept ourselves for who we truly are, and you will learn through this class how Chiron in Aries will help navigate you on this journey. 


Majorie is a NYC based intuitive tarot reader and astrologer who goes by the Punk Priestess. Through the creation of her blog the Punk Priestess, Majorie brings an approachable, relatable, and exciting way of teaching astrology which has been her passion for 15 years. Besides running a blog and reading tarot to clients, Majorie also works in the fashion industry and is the front woman of her punk rock band The Combatives.