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Tuning Into Your Intuition


Our intuition speaks to us in a variety of ways. It offers us guidance each day and along our great journey in life. When we work with our intuition, strengthen that bond, learn to trust in our connection, we can begin to manifest our most authentic selves as well as divine our true path. In this workshop we will learn tools to clear our energy and tune in to our higher selves. Everyone has the gift of intuition, and when worked on with intention, we can define what that means. This will be a safe space to explore all that that entails. The workshop will include smudging techniques, meditation, discussions on what intuition is and how it looks in our lives, as well as exercises to affirm our senses, and sacred gifts. Please bring a pen and journal, any altar items/decks, and anything else that calls to you. 

Please be mindful en route to the workshop. Pay attention to synchronicity and dreams in the days before if possible. Journal on your relationship with your intuition and where you are now. Rest and hydration are important as well but we welcome you however you are that day. As with all of Eye of Astro workshops, the attendants arrive in divine timing, that we are meant to be there. Tune in to see if this workshop is speaking to you. 

$30 / two hour workshop

About Linzi... EYE OF ASTRO (Linzi Silverman) is a practicing intuitive healer and artist based out of Brooklyn. She is a Shamanic Reiki Master, Intuitive Bodyworker, and Tarot Card Reader who also hosts meditation circles and empowerment/wellness/healing education workshops around the city. She has mentored under talented Psychic-Medium, Robyn Hessinger and studied with Llyn Roberts, Stacey Gibbons, Jonathan Hammond, Emily Wallace, and Sarah Seely. She loves working with her intuition from the moment she wakes up and the magic that it brings her days and nights. Eye of Astro, her healing and intuition business, was born out of her love for a variety of modalities and inspired by one of her spirit guides, her familiar, her sweet kitty, Astro. 

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