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Maker’s Magic: Talismanic Objects, with Artist Rebecca Goyette


In this hands-on workshop, each participant will mine their own personal beliefs and ancestral histories for inspiration to create their own amulet or talismanic object using everyday materials.  Amulets and talismans are discrete objects to be worn or held by the maker for good luck. We will explore how the consideration of an object changes when we create and imbue it with the purpose of bringing luck to ourselves and others.   We will also look at ways that artists and magic practitioners have used talismans in their work and created sculptures for the purpose of good luck.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own objects and everyday materials they feel a connection to that can be repurposed to create a sculpture that holds personal meaning for them. Various sculptural materials such as wire, adhesives and found objects will also be provided. 

The Maker’s Magic series considers the possibilities of artistic expression as central to intention setting, a portal for communication with spirit/the unknown/our ancestors, connecting with community, symbolic of self, as well as the manifestation of dreams. 

$20/3 hours

Earlier Event: October 8
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