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Power Crystals for Fire Signs


The beginning of the signs-crystals series. Each zodiac sign resonates to a particular energy that can be matched and augmented by using crystals. The fiery signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius often feel they can accomplish much on their own will alone. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Crystals and meditation help to clear our energy centers (chakras) and allow a more pure intention to flow through our actions. Especially as fire signs, Aries, Leos, and Sags are most prone to leaping before they act while being proud of it. Using crystals, their energy and, thus, actions become more balanced, leading to less mental/spiritual distraction and more attention directed to their goals.  


Garrett Hall is a self-taught astrologer from Harlem, NY. He became interested in astrology when it seemed to answer many of the questions he had in life that neither science nor religion could answer. This interest has grown from a pastime to a passion as he read more charts and started to see the magic with his own eyes. Now, his dream is to spread astrology to as many people as possible to help them innerstand themselves and take control over their lives.

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