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Astrology for Practical Magik

For the first time Catland will be offering a four-week intensive on Astrology for Practical Magik.

Many witches deal with confusion and consternation when trying to make the connection between their knowledge of Astrology and how it can influence and improve their own spellcraft. In this intensive, we will not only break down how to navigate your own birth chart, but how it lays out a roadmap to more effective correspondences, ingredient choices and overall efficacy of one's spellwork. We'll also examine the vital working knowledge no witch should go without, including:

Planetary Rulership, Dignities & Placements

Establishing Working Allies through Affinity

Lunar Phases & Moon Magik

Planetary Days & Planetary Hours

Connecting with the Elements and their Modalities

Harnessing the Retrogrades

Talismanic Magik

The Houses & their Influence

We hope you'll join us for what is sure to be an exciting set of classes where we explore the heavens to learn more about our craft and our selves.


Dakota is one of Brooklyn’s premier witches, diviners and spiritual workers. They are a reader, educator and co-owner at Catland Books in Brooklyn, NY & the founder of Black Hand Conjure. They have enjoyed international recognition for events like Hex Trump & Hex Brett Kavanaugh, and their work has been featured in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Vogue, Huffington Post, VICE, Broadly, Buzzfeed, TIME, Newsweek and MTV.

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