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Ritual As A Tool for Satanic Activism


There is magic in ritual. Not the magic of a pink crystal, but the tangible magic of manifestation. Ritual is a form of Satanic witchcraft rooted in the power of glamour, creativity, and creation. Through costume and shock, and brutal truth displayed ritual has the power to turn a desire for bodily autonomy into a reality that can't be unseen. Glamour, or costume and performance, within Satanic ritual, makes it impossible to look away, through a bloody and naked queer orgy, a cloaked Black Mass in a metal bar, or a political protest beyond signs drawn on with a sharpie. Ritual brings out power our of the shadows. It unifies. It creates fear and respect for the disenfranchised. Performance is not simply a tool for those in power, it is a tool for those who intend on taking power, and are shameless in their intent to do so, as they understand shame to be only a tool to keep us void of pleasure and power. 


Presented by LORE with speaker Sophie St. Thomas

Sophie Saint Thomas is a Brooklyn-based writer and witch originally from the Virgin Islands. Her writing on sex, drugs, and the occult can be found in GQ, Playboy, VICE, Harper's Bazaar, Allure, and more. Her first book, Finding Your Higher Self, about cannabis, is coming out in December of 2019 and her second book, Sex Witch, a spellbook of lust and love, is coming out in Fall 2020.

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