Asc Alchemical Handmade Incense

Asc Alchemical Handmade Incense


Handmade in Brooklyn by Asc Alchemical. All incense sticks are scented SOLELY with all natural essential oils and absolutes and extracts; ZERO synthetic fragrance oils AT ALL.

SCYLLA's aromas of wispy windy lavender and sun-heated scaly lemongrass (among other oils) calls to you to let free your most lofty ambitions of expression and creativity, even to run after them aggressively with your toothy jaws snapping; to let your ambitions and ideas fly free and untethered, even to the terror and awe of others who might stand in your way.

CALIBAN's aromas of yellow citrus-ish resins, forest undergrowth, and old-growth trees will call you to contemplate the untouched, undiscovered, uncolonized parts remaining in rare patches on our planet, as well as to ponder the dirty, heavy, earth-buried parts of yourself, and how they form the nourishing foundations of the strong and deep-rooted creations yet to burst forth and reach skyward.

CHARYBDIS' aromas of wet rocks, deep dark water, and murky basil will call you to contemplate and enjoy the deeps of our world's oceans, what they hide, what they can reveal: to dive in and dive deep and embrace watery mysteries.

CALYPSO's aromas of seductive narcotic white flowers like jasmine and tuberose, as well as its musky smokiness of myrrh and styrax will call you to release yourself to the call of fire and consumption, to let yourself go to the flames of impetuosity and passions.

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