Asc Alchemical Handmade Perfumes

Asc Alchemical Handmade Perfumes


FOREST FLOOR: In this perfume, oakmoss is the huge bulk of the scents contained. I've only added touches of dark rich vanilla, musky ambrette, and a touch of rose and angelica to balance and smooth it out and make it even darker and mustier and earthier. A scant single drop of black pepper is the only thing acting as a top note. Who needs top notes? I don't.

LA FLAMME: La Flamme, a traditional recipe for an oil intended to attract and entice outcomes or other humans. Made from ethically sourced animal musks, precious floral essences, and aromatic herbs like bay, hyssop, myrtle and rue. The perfume rested and macerated under a red candle for two months, with red tiger's eye and rose quartz and red jasper.

IMORTELLE: Immortelle is a beautiful yellow flower related to daisies but with much more thick, heavy, rich, base-note-y personality than a mere daisy. Immortelle's cello-quality aroma is a perfume all by itself, and this soliflore only added other essences which would make the Immortelle MORE Immortelle-ish. There is hay absolute and tobacco to oomph those rich harvesty honey notes. There is liquidambar and a touch of fossilized amber to boost and smooth the sweet leathery aromas. There's just a touch of oakmoss and vanilla to crank up the velvety sweetness. There's jasmine and the barest hint of tuberose to bring out the warm, welcoming, subconscius mammal smell you might recognize from the lingering afterscent on your pillow once the person you shared your bed with has left.

KYPHI: Based on an Egyptian incense compound recipe that was traditionally glommed together with raisins, wine, and honey. As a perfume, these notes are replaced with cognac essential oil, red wine, and beeswax absolute, blended with contemporary spices, florals, and resins.

SOLANUM: Solanum is the name of the nightshade family of herbs, and this perfume is the purest distillation o f these beauties- tobacco, tomato leaf, mandrake spagyric. Magnolia leaf, vetiver, and black pepper round out a green garden oil aroma, like one would encounter in a witch’s garden.

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