Asc Alchemical Sachet Series Perfumes

Asc Alchemical Sachet Series Perfumes


Unique perfumes crafted by Asc Alchemical.

The definition of a sachet is a small bag of herbs, spices, and other important objects carried on one's person to draw desired effects (or repel undesired ones). Choosing from herbs associated with these outcomes, these perfumes were designed as a line of sachet-based fragrances, enabling you to smell nice while wearing the essences of the herbs directly upon your skin.

STRUT is composed of herbs traditionally associated with drawing love and affection. Beautifully enough, many of the herbs and fragrances chosen have associations with bravery and confidence as well. It is a comfortable, sensual blend of vanilla and other edible notes, with an intoxicating heart of neroli and rose, brightened by pink grapefruit, bergamot and cardamom.

SEPHIROT is composed of herbs traditionally associated with fostering protection and repelling negative influences. A warm base of frankincense and woods strengthens a body of fresh spices and verbena. Very green and woodsy while remaining unisex.

LUCRE is composed of herbs traditionally associated with drawing money, success and fortune. It is a crisp herbal scent, a velvety base of patchouli, tonka bean and vanilla supports notes of mint, orange and basil.

AURA is composed of herbs and fragrances associated with such far flung metaphysical pursuits as astral projection, lucid dreaming, divination and psychic prowess. It is light, refreshing and ethereal. Candy-sweet tonka, rosewood and star anise linger once the herbaceous body of lavender, bay, and palmarosa fade. Suspended in a handmade tincture of mugwort, nettle and yarrow; herbs with many metaphysical attributes!

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