Catland is passionate about our craft, and we're committed to sharing our practice and our scholarship with the world. Whether you're with us in NYC or somewhere else on the globe, there are plenty of ways to get involved with our community. Click the links below to learn more!

Reader’s Coven

Join the discussion! We’re passionate about education, and love showcasing our favorite books each month. When you join our book club, you’ll receive our Book of the Month delivered right to your door, as well as access to a private discussion group, where you can discuss ideas, questions, and thoughts about our newest titles.

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Open Full Moon Rituals

Come, witches, and join us for a ritual every month on or around the full moon. These rituals are lead by our co-owner Melissa Jayne Madara, and are designed to be accessible for novices but engaging for experienced practitioners. These rituals are inter-traditional, immersive, and open to participants of any experience level, from any tradition or background.

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Beginner Witch Study Group

On the first Sunday of each month, Catland welcomes our community to come together to share space and skill sets as we tackle a variety of topics with open debate and discourse, in order for each of us to walk away feeling more confident in our own personal set of beliefs and ideas. Any attendee may put forth a topic for the group to analyze and discuss, allowing each of us to share our own experiences and expertise!

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, regardless of tradition or experience level. There is space for forty students to attend per month, so reserve a free ticket ahead of time to ensure there will be space! Bring a friend, a notebook and a good pen, a bottle of water and an open mind!

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Venefica Magazine

Venefica Magazine is Catland’s premiere publication- an arts & occulture magazine released on the vernal & autumnal equinoxes each year. Venefica explores the archetype of the witch as it exists in the modern world, through rebellion, activism, practical magic, and storytelling.

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