Mediumship & Spirit work

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Our Process

A separate, specific appointment designed to foster mediumship, spirit work and communication with the dead.

These appointments are deeply meaningful to both the client and the diviner, both of whom will enter with a clear understanding of what is possible as well as the goal for the session.

Clients should book here if they are looking to contact their ancestors, guides, spirits, angels or deities. Beyond spirit communication, there are also sessions available with a focus on past life regression, astral projection, lucid dreaming, the Akashic Records and more!

Malorine Mathurin

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Gavilán Rayna Russom

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A separate appointment designed for mediumship and communication with the dead

Your chance to contact your ancestors, guides, spirits, angels or deities

Appointments also available for past life regression, astral travel and the Akashic Records

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Monthly Magickal Record
Monthly Magickal Record

Monthly Magickal Record