Agdistis by Venus Invictus


Top: Juniper + Elemi + Palo Santo + Star Anise + Black Pepper + Wormwood
Middle: Clary Sage + Basil + Dry Wood + Black Currant + Seaweed
Base: Vetiver + Black Tea + Incense + Black Hemlock + Double Distilled Patchouli + Ambergris + Cedarmoss + Cigar Box + Wool

Agdistis smells Herbaceous and Ozonic, woody and soft but not without character, it sticks to the skin and has moments of fleeting masculinity. The Wool, Ambergris & Patchouli create this interesting Dirty Swampy Oceanic air. the seaweed and Vetiver blend seamlessly into perfection. a long lasting fragrance with a dry down so subtle and sexy, as your nose makes contact to skin, a blanket of cedar Moss, black hemlock and incense leaves you feeling enraptured.

** this is an alcohol based fragrance, great for spraying your clothes, garments, sweater, scarf, bag etc. 10ml bottle with atomizer, just pull off the top!