Body by the Fanciful Fox

Nirvana | Body Oil

We blended essential oils known to ground and center, which we all need every now and again. A nuanced, woodsy scent full of fire and spice embolden you.

Find happiness in this bottle and end the constant struggle with dry skin. Moisturizing organic hemp oil soaks into skin, and restorative pumpkin seed oil promotes a youthful glow. This synthetic free oil combines the power of plant oils to nourish, promote elasticity and prevent damage. A blend of dark patchouli, spruce and floral essential oils will surround you with warm, sexy vibes. Absorbs lightning fast!

3.3 oz

Lucid Dream | Body Lotion

Lucid Dream is our sweetest concoction with an almond base, balancing citrus notes, and splashes of spearmint, and fir just to round it out. This wonderfully natural product will eradicate your dry, rough skin. Organic, Fair Trade cocoa butter, organic jojoba oil, and grape seed oil lock in moisture to restore skin. Vitamin E tames free radicals with its superior antioxidant properties. Free of fillers, this lotion is purely concentrated with only the finest plant-based butters and oils.

8 oz.

Tight End | Body Butter

Wanna tighten that tush, firm that caboose, and smooth those thighs?

Tight End’s organic cocoa butter base moisturizes while aiming itself towards pesky stretch marks. It’s enriched with coffee hydrosol, and caffeine extract to help defeat cellulite, and leave your skin feeling, and looking firmer. Feel the tingle with pure peppermint essential oil, and enjoy the sweetness of added vanilla water. Say cell-u-later to cellulite with this firming body butter! Tight End is a fresh blend of peppermint & sweet vanilla.

8 oz.

Sacred Circle | Body Scrub

The ultimate purifying scrub uses the simplest ingredients – rebalance your skin and your energy with this lush blend of dead sea salt and Tahitian black sand, sacred enough for a ritual and gentle enough for everyday use.

The perfect remedy for hands and feet, this coarse ground blend expertly sloughs off dead cells, deep cleans nooks and crannies and polishes with an essential oil blend that leaves skin feeling hydrated and restored without any residue or stickiness.

8 oz.

Tattoo | Aftercare Cream

The perfect formula to care for your tattoos, both new and old!

Tattoo Cream aids in the healing process of fresh tattoos, and moisturizes existing ones. Formulated with organic plant oils, butters, and extracts, it moisturizes, tones, and soothes inflammation. There are no chemicals, parabens, or any other nasty fillers. It harnesses the powers of natural ingredients to keep your skin looking its best.

2 oz.

Hail Mary | Hand Cream

A rich, moisturizing water-free formula!

Just when you think it’s game over, and dry, scaly skin has taken over your hands, Hail Mary is here to save the day. Our water free formula contains no added nonsense, just pure, natural plant ingredients. Moisturizing organic hemp oil nourishes, and smooths skin. Organic and fair trade cocoa and shea butters provide a thick, rich consistency while also aiding in the de-scaling of your hands.

4 oz.

Cutie Claws | Cuticle Cream

Clawing your way to the top is easier with this luscious balm. Moisturize dry, rough cuticles, and nourish nails with this all star line up of butters and oils. Organic argan, and jojoba oils team up with organic shea butter and coconut oil to keep your finger tips looking perfect. Just a dab will take care of all ten digits.  

1 oz.