Body Scrubs by the Fanciful Fox

Salted Ash

A coarse scrub for hand and body

This scrub is first created by whipping together creamy organic coconut oil with nutrient loaded avocado and grapeseed oils. Added next is a mix of mineral rich dead sea salts, and black sand which help to slough away dead, dry skin. Dead Sea, and bentonite clays along with pure charcoal detox, while pulling away impurities, and excess oils. Look out, dull skin, Salted Ash is coming for you!

A fresh, clean essential oil blend sets this scrub apart from the rest. Fresh lemon, and tea tree blend with warm, spicy black pepper, and ginger.

Sacred Circle

A coarse scrub for hand and body

The ultimate purifying scrub uses the simplest ingredients – rebalance your skin and your energy with this lush blend of dead sea salt and Tahitian black sand, sacred enough for a ritual and gentle enough for everyday use.

The perfect remedy for hands and feet, this coarse ground blend expertly sloughs off dead cells, deep cleans nooks and crannies and polishes with an essential oil blend that leaves skin feeling hydrated and restored without any residue or stickiness.

8 oz / 230 g vegan & palm free