De Plancy's History of Vampires & Evil Ghosts

The English translation of J. Collin de Plancy's classic Histoire des Vampires et Des Spectres Malfaisans Avec un Examen du Vampirisme (History of Vampires and Evil Ghosts with a Review of Vampirism). This book includes historical tales of vampires, succubi, werewolves, and all manner of undead creatures that feed on the essence of the living. The stories come from the four corners of the 19th century known world.

De Plancy's History of Vampires and Evil Ghosts is bound in brown and black imitation leather with a silver foil-stamped cover and spine, delivered in a silver foil-stamped slipcase. This volume includes newly-commissioned black & white and full-color images, silver gilded pages, a built-in black ribbon bookmark and a newly designed index.

J. Collin de Plancy was a 19th century French demonologist, occultist and writer. Best known for his work Dictionnaire Infernal, De Plancy wrote several volumes on 19th century occult and religious topics.