Doctor Falke's Tarot of the Drowning World

A Seasonal Oracle in the style of the Tarot of Marseilles from the Jardin Sauvage by Kahn & Selesnick.

The Tarot of The Drowning World is printed 6" x 3" in the unusually tall and narrow scale of the earliest illuminated tarot cards of the 15th century so that all the details of the deck show to their best effect. It features rounded corners and is printed on the best quality playing card paper that Expert Play Card Company offers, with blue marble paper backs and tuck box interior.

As a bonus, it features 5 extra cards and one extra translation card to explain Marseilles style french titles. If you already have the Carnival at the End of the World Deck this one will be a full inch taller and about as wide.

"We hope this deck becomes your ally on many a trip into the unconscious realms of dreams and divination during these uncertain times on our devastatingly beautiful planet." Kahn & Selesnick