Essential Book of Celtic Spells

Discover the mythology, wisdom and magic of the Celtic peoples in this gold-embossed hardback.

Written by Marie Bruce of Celtic Scottish heritage, Celtic Spells excavates the strands of history, myth and magic drawn from the heart of Celtic culture and weaves them together into a practical guide to modern spellcraft. Learn from the artisans who created Celtic standing stones, the warrior poets who fought with mind, body and spirit and the shamans who drew from the power of nature.

Learn how to:

  • Summon the blessings of the Four Winds
  • Work spells with heraldic animals
  • Create a Clootie tree in your garden
  • Use the symbol of the Celtic Cross to make decisions
  • Invoke Celtic architypes such as Scathach, the Cailleach and the Morrigan

With full-color his beautiful Wibalin-bound hardback is full of songs, poems, sayings and spellwork for anyone interested in Celtic Magic to enjoy.