Essential Book of Pendulums

The scientific history of pendulums includes names such as Galileo and Leonardo da Vinci, but these simple weighted, swinging objects also have an impressive spiritual history.

Pendulums have been used to divine the future and communicate with the spirits. From finding hidden wells in the landscape, and lost pets and treasures, to identifying the root cause of physical distress in the body, pendulums have a venerable history of helping seekers find what they're looking for.

In this beautiful Wibalin-bound book, you will learn how to connect with your own pendulum and how to find the answer to almost anything you need to know through the movement of the swinging weight.

  • Crystal pendulums and the correct way to use them
  • Pendulum-making and calibration
  • Ways to deepen your connection to your pendulum
  • How to take care of your pendulum and keep its energy clear