Essential Book of Wicca

Wicca is a magical system that merges together spells, rituals, celebrations and a reverence for nature. It is a form of slow living where you honor the turning of the seasons, celebrate the phases of the moon, and the turning of the tides. As a practice, it is a welcome relief from the frenetic, technology-driven world in which we live and a way to connect with our ancestors.

Written by bestselling author and practicing Wiccan Marie Bruce, this beautifully illustrated full-color guide provides an illuminating introduction to Wiccan beliefs as well as practical ways to get started.

Learn to:

  • Perform spells and rituals
  • Create your own Book of Shadows and Wiccan altar
  • Draw energy from the moon and sun
  • See the future through scrying and wax divination

This book makes a wonderful companion for any budding Wiccan who wants to conjure love, prosperity and protection in their own life.