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Super Clean | All Skin Types
Never fear! Super Clean Face Wash is here to wash away the gunk of the day! Super mild castile soap is used to clean your face up while apricot and jojoba oils moisturize and soften skin. Our blend of essential oils will help to cleanse your pores and fight unwanted bacteria and blemishes. Unlike many other face washes this Super wash won't dry out that lovely skin of yours!

Blemish Buster | Acne Prone Skin
A blend of essential oils like tea tree and rosemary keep your skin feeling fresh. This creamy wash cleanses pore while promoting balance leaving your skin feeing clean, not tight and dry.

Blemish Buster is here to save the day with its super acne fighting ingredients. Argan oil extract helps to regulate the sebum produced by your skin, and green tea extract is loaded with antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties. Both kick blemish butt! Important essential oils top off this wash by adding even more antiseptic properties to clean up your pores. You can't go wrong with this blemish buster.

8 oz.


Super Clean | All Skin Types
Pure essential oils make this toner stand out from the rest. Bulgarian lavender, lemon, and, of course, tea tree make for a truly refreshing product.

Blemish Buster | Acne Prone Skin
What makes this natural toner so amazing is its blend of powerful essential oils. Tea tree, rosemary, and geranium come together to make a most refreshing astringent that won't leave your skin feeling stretched, and dry.

Organic Witch Hazel Based & Alcohol Free
Directions: Shake well, spritz onto a cotton ball or tissue, rub gently all over skin.
2 oz.


Save Face | All Skin Types
Save your face! This all purpose aloe vera product will moisturize your mug without clogging your pores. Apricot kernel oil softens while grape seed oil promotes skin elasticity and growth. Vitamin E nourishes starved cells, and organic aloe vera extract aids damage caused by the elements. Slap a cape on this superhero jar!

About Face | For Mature Skin
About Face glides onto skin, and sinks in almost immediately making it perfect for morning and night. Lavender, geranium, and rosemary essential oils are known for their balancing properties, and make this dream cream smell like a private garden.

Here’s a facial cream with some pretty classy effects. To start, organic jojoba oil not only moisturizes, but also is known to be an effective anti-wrinkle agent. Added lupine protein promotes firmness of the skin. The allantoin that is added soothes the skin, and relieves dryness. This product gives you a little lift without lasers.

2 oz.

Eye Cream

Bright Eyes
Keep those eyes bright with the help of this light & powerful eye cream. Infused with known beneficial toning, & anti-inflammatory plant extracts like hibiscus & cucumber. A touch of caffeine is known to help with puffiness, and a bit of licorice may help with those pesky dark circles.

Night Eyes
Keep those eyes bright, even at night with this age defying natural cream. It’s  loaded with potent botanical extracts, like citrus and sugar maple, to keep puffy eyes at bay. Night Eye’s formula blends trusted ingredients that may help to reduce dark circles, and minimize inflammation to prevent tissue damage. Packed with power to help diminish wrinkles, promote firmness, and elasticity. While you sleep, be sure that this cream is working to keep your skin smooth, soft, and lookin’ young!

1 oz.


The Moroccan Specialty
The perfect night serum! Moroccan women have used Argan Oil in beautification processes for centuries.

High in natural vitamin E, organic Argan oil moisturizes & promotes skin elasticity. Organic Jojoba oil helps to balance skin’s natural oil production while providing much needed moisture. A unique blend of additional plant oils create a soothing & beneficial bond to smooth, alleviate signs of aging, & aid in skin regeneration.

2 oz.

Face Scrub

White Magic | Dry Skin

Relax away your skin issues with this lavender based cleanser cake. Ground lavender buds, along with ground oat and apricot meals work to gently exfoliate skin while moisturizing, and balancing. Kaolin clay goes to work promoting circulation in order to help skin regenerate. Apricot and avocado oils soften and add moisture deep within your skin tissue. Aloe vera leaf extract heals damage caused by the elements. No spells involved, White Magic does all the work for you to brighten your dry, forlorn skin!

Black Magic | Oily Skin

Have your cake and use it too! Dead Sea mud, with over 21 beneficial vitamins and minerals, along with Bentonite clay eradicates toxins and excess oils that clog pores. Beautiful Tahitian black sand scrubs off dead cells while almond meal returns moisture. Our signature blend of essential oils kills bacteria and calms down inflammation to keep skin shining, not shiny just like magic!

4 oz.

Face Mask

Creature | Dry Skin
This powerful mask will help revitalize dry skin. Ground rose, and lavender buds calm, and balance dry skin. Bamboo, and stinging nettle powder send flakey skin packing, while kaolin clay gently cleanses irritated skin.

Villain | Oily Skin
This powerful mask will kick blemishes to the curb with all of its detoxifying properties. Dead sea mud grains, charcoal, and bentonite clay work to suck impurities out of skin, while neem and ginseng powders balance.

Directions: Mix 1/2 tsp of dry mask powder with 1/2 tsp of water to form a paste, with clean fingers, apply evenly to skin, allow to dry, rinse off, pat dry, apply moisturizer
1 oz.

Beard Care

Mister | Face Wash
Mild organic castile soap gently cleans away dirt, grime, and excess oil while a blend of macadamia, avocado, and grape seed oils moisturize and soften rough skin. Organic jojoba and organic argan oils not only moisturize skin, but also help to promote healthy, soft whiskers. Unlike many other cleansers, this wash won’t dry out, or irritate skin.

Sulfate free! Made with a base of our very own organic castile soap!

8 oz.

Dapper | Beard Oil
a patchouli based blend mixed with spicy notes

Directions: Dab a few drops into the palms of your hands and massage into your beard. 

2 oz.

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