Faust Fashion: Sartorial Sulphur and the Black Blood of Terra

The short essay revisits Goethe's drama of Faust, which tells the story of an alchemist who conjures a spirit to guide him to life's pleasures.
This spirit, Mephistopheles, is a voice that tempts Faust of rebirth. Faust, in new robes and with new confidence, is guided to live life truly and fashionably, overflowing with virility, beauty, desire, and pleasure. Reexamining the story, Frater t.O.t. shows how the story of Faust is the story of the alchemical processes in fashion.
The transformation of oil into synthetic fibers, vinyl, and latex, exposes the esoteric metamorphosis of repressed desire toward the will to live deliciously. The story of Faust and Mephistopheles is a story about fashion itself.