Healing Pandora: The Restoration of Hope and Abundance

The story of Pandora is one of the most resonant in Greek mythology.
As Healing Pandora shows, it’s also one of the most relevant. Psychologist Gail Thomas has used Pandora in her practice for two decades, often with profound results. Cast in popular accounts as the evil bringer of doom to humanity in divine retaliation for Prometheus stealing fire, Pandora, in Thomas’ view, is a much more complex character, with enormous healing powers as well as her better-known destructive capacity.
In this revelatory book, Thomas shows Pandora’s true nature as the dark but all-giving feminine, the archetypal vessel of culture and city with the power to heal our culture. Pandora’s task is to help us transform our overwhelmingly material civilization into a culture of undivided participation and engagement.
  • Part One discusses Pandora’s multifaceted persona as both beautiful evil and divine benefactress. Here, Thomas contextualizes Pandora in the cycle of myth and archetype.
  • In Part Two, the author proposes a series of healing rituals inspired by Pandora, including “Healing Our Fear of Sacrifice”; “Healing Our Dis-Ease”; and “Healing the Control of Patriarchy.”

Both practical guide and inspiring study, Healing Pandora argues persuasively for manifesting our inner work concretely on the cultural, not just personal, level.