Heaven Help Us: The Worrier's Guide to the Patron Saints

Where's a worrier to turn? To the patron saints, that's who. According to centuries-old tradition, a host of heavenly helpers is standing by, ready and eager to take a personal interest in you. Heaven Help Us shows you how to take your petitions straight to the top--to the martyrs and holy men and women who can intercede according to their particular areas of expertise:
  • Is true love eluding you? Light a candle to St. Anne on a Tuesday night
  • Are you suffering from a sore throat? Bake bread for St. Blaise
  • Is your wallet feeling light? Donate coins to St. Expedite
Categorized by anxiety for easy reference, and filled with lively biographies of dozens of saints as well as step-by-step instructions for performing the long-established rituals to enlist their aid, Heaven Help Us has the remedies to cure all your modern-day woes.