Hephaestus by Venus Invictus


Top: Lumber + Rosewood + Black Pepper
Middle: Smoked Prunes + Roasted Barley + Cinnamon Leaf + Clove + Cardamom
Base: Leather + Suede + Choya Loban + Cigar + Oud Maleki + Birch Tar + Ambergris

Hephaestus smells like a hot leather daddy, inspired by Blacksmiths, Leather Workers and Craftsmen, this is a very masculine fragrance. The base notes of suede and leather give a punch while at the same time leaving room for the exotic spices of clove, cardamom and allspice to heat up on the skin. A Smoky fragrance reminiscent of a campfire lends itself to a funky dry down of Ambergris and Imperial Oud.

This unique "Daddy" fragrance is accompanied by a playlist of semi maintstream punk blended with Queer punk.

** this is an alcohol based fragrance, great for spraying your clothes, garments, sweater, scarf, bag etc.  10ml bottle with atomizer, just pull off the top!