House Magic: A Handbook to Making Every Home a Sacred Sanctuary

House Magic teaches you how to transform any space in your home into a sacred sanctuary using the power of crystals, herbs, and flowers. 

Spells, Rituals, and Recipes to Conjure House Magic

Where Earth, Moon, Sky, and you align—may each day be kissed with blessings. Magical living takes place inside and outside the home. I invite you to begin enchanting your world by honoring the energies of the seasons and enlist Nature’s inspiring help to manifest your dreams. Let the power of Nature enlighten your path to spiritual growth.

Preparing the Rooms of the Home

The shelter your home provides gives you so many things: warmth, protection, peace, and pride, to name a few. To live in the moment means not taking anything for granted. Appreciate the bounty your home nurtures.

You’ve worked so hard to bring your home in line with your desires. Aware you’ll be when energies do shift and cause a mire. Investigate the space in which you feel the ebb and flow. Adjust you can, with spells at hand, to tend the hearth’s warm fires.

Bless This Magical House

Blessed be. May all who enter be touched by life’s good fortune. Be it a palace or studio, high-rise or room to let, with new or inhabiting energies of the previous occupants, your house and home can be blessed to reset its energies, recharge its spirit, and protect against evil—and evict unwanted house-sitting spirits that may be more mischief than merry. Clear your house of any negative influence to allow positive energy to enter and make your home feel more abundant, loving, and sacred.

These are just some of the sections in this book, but there is so much more!