Infernal Legends

In Infernal Legends, famed demonologist J. Collin de Pancy explores the world of infernal deal-making with a series of fascinating short stories. De Plancy's characters run the gamut from the innocent to the most violent and hated figures of his day.

De Plancy's tales delve into the supernatural and explore the people who tricked the Devil, as well as those who came up on the losing end of infernal pacts. De Plancy explores from the results of the Devil preaching the Word of God to the consequences of divine intervention on behalf of the righteousness.

This book is a handsome octavo volume bound in tan leather (imitation), featuring a brown spine and corners. The book features full-color endpapers, index, and bookmark, as well as newly commissioned artwork in the 19th century woodcut style.

J. Collin de Plancy was a famed 19th century French occultist, demonologist, researcher, and writer on supernatural subjects. He published several works on occultism and demonology.