Kitchen Witchcraft 101

Join Melissa Madara for this essential look at culinary magic and its use in history and today!

The curious history of culinary magic extends deep into the ancient world, conjuring images of love potions, enchanted fruits, blessed breads, and ritual feasts. With the understanding that we are what we eat, and that preparations ingested become alchemically fused with the body of the practitioner, modern witches can use bespelled food to infuence people and outcomes, making it a powerful tool in the practitioner's toolbox.

Join Catland co-owner Melissa Madara, author of the magical cookbook The Witch's Feast, to a look at practical applications for kitchen witchcraft in the modern era. From ritual entheogens, to magical correspondences, to the practice of creating your own ritual feasts, join us as we explore the multitude of ways to bring magical craft into the kitchen!


Melissa Madara is a witch, chef, storyteller, botanist, and co-owner at Catland Books. Their work deals with the healing power of myth, divination, and immersion in the natural world. They are a teacher at Catland Books and numerous other metaphysical spaces in NYC, and are available for herbal consultations, tarot, and magical coaching by appointment. Find their interviews in the New York Times, Vice, Broadly, Teen Vogue, or Refinery 29, or see Melissa's published works in Fiddler's Green, Venefica Magazine, or their premiere book, The Witch's Feast. Follow Melissa's work and adventures on IG : @saint.jayne