Liber Terribilis: Being an Instruction on the Seventy-Two Spirits of the Goetia

Liber Terribilis is a practical introduction to working with the seventy-two spirits of the infamous seventeenth century grimoire, the Goetia. This work draws upon the experiences of a small group of occultists who have explored the methods of conjuration given in the grimoires. English alchemist and sorceror Gary St Michael Nottingham gives clear and workable instructions to allow the reader to explore and work with these spirits – which tradition declares King Solomon bound to his will, and who helped to build the great Temple of Solomon.

The author argues convincingly that these spirits are real and will attend on the will of the conjuror so far as their office allows them to do so. He also explores the vital and often neglected use of the seventy-two angels of the Great Name of God, the Schemhamphorasch, which assist in the binding of the spirits and also have their own offices to perform. This work allows the conjuror to interact with both the Goetic spirits and their controlling angels.

The tools of the arte and their consecration, the preparation required of the serious practitioner, and the full process of Goetic conjuration are all covered, together with the seals of the spirits and angels, their appropriate colours and fragrances. This excellent volume will be of value to all levels of students and practitioners of the grimoire traditions.