Moon Potion Ritual Oil by Moon Cult Herbs

Moon Potion is a limited edition, small batch oil crafted for either ritual use or as a personal cosmetic. The base of this oil is a strong infusion of wild mugwort blossoms into a nourishing blend of hemp, grapeseed, and meadowfoam seed oils. These essential-oil rich flowers transfer their natural fragrance to the oil, which is tempered by the addition of organic clary sage and tarragon essential oils, and preserved with all natural vitamin E. The fragrance is deep green, strange, spicy, and blossoms into an herbal sweetness when warmed upon the skin.

Mugwort is an herb chiefly associated with the moon, in particular due to its wild, herbaceous fragrance, the silver undersides of its leaves, and its usefulness as an aid in dreamwork, meditation, divination, and trance. Applied to the body and, in particular, the temples and soles of the feet, this oil is a useful ally in any of these lunar pursuits, or as an anointing oil particularly associated with the moon. This oil is also infused with frankincense resin, which is sacred to the moon as well, and infuses the oil with skin-nourishing boswellic acids as well as the resin's classic uplifting fragrance.