Myrrh Oil by Moon Cult Herbs

A hand-crafted oleoresin of myrrh, prepared in a carrier of safflower oil. This deeply red/gold oil is perfumed with the natural perfume of myrrh, balanced by a slight addition of clove and rosemary extracts as both fragrance and natural preservative.

This oil is intended for either ritual use or as a personal cosmetic. In magic, myrrh is often called upon for works of necromancy, ancestor veneration, or dealing with spirits of the dead. It is the perfume of the new moon, and it's deeply resinous, almost plastic fragrance is also called upon in funerary rites and rituals to chthonic spirits. On the body, the richly nourishing safflower oil is a perfect moisturizing body oil, with a fragrance that fits the cooler seasons of fall and winter.