Nine Brooklyn Plants: A Humble Street Guide

Learn to ID nine plants growing all over Brooklyn! This 21 page zine features identifying characteristics as well as potential uses and astrological associations. Includes a variety of native and naturalized plants, some edible, some medicinal, and some hazardous if consumed. These plants are found in vacant lots, tree pits, parks, and cracks in the sidewalk throughout the region. Learning to ID plants in my local environment feels like adding an extra dimension to my vision and makes me feel connected to the land where I live. Human brains evolved for thousands of years to recognize plants in their environment, and you will be surprised how plants jump out at you once you know them by a name and how easy they are to memorize without flashcards or other study tools. Your brain wants to know the plants.

Featuring: Mugwort, Amaranth, Mulberry, Datura, and more!