O, Cosmia | Tinctures by Moon Cult Herbs

a sleep & dreamwork blend, to encourage restful sleep, natural cycles, and vivid dreams

A hand-crafted tincture of Lavender, Chamomile, Hops and hand-picked Catnip & Yarrow. These plants encourage a deep, restful sleep, and can aid in developing regular sleep cycles and keeping us asleep for longer. Yarrow and Catnip in particular are also known for encouraging more vivid visualization during dreamtime.

Dosage (please consult your doctor before use)
Recommended dose is 3-5 drops on the tongue as-needed. Bottle contains around 100 doses.

From Moon Cult Herbs:
Hand-picked ingredients are grown in my garden, and raised, tended, and harvested by me. This ensures the healthiest and highest quality botanicals, as I can be certain of exactly what goes into each plant. These plants are always grown organically and harvested with love. All other plants are sourced from high quality distributers, such as Mountain Rose, Bulk Apothecary, Star West Botanicals, or specialty suppliers.

Tinctures are produced in 192-proof vodka (Spyritus).
4 dram bottle with glass dropper.