Oneiroi Anointing Oil by Moon Cult Herbs

"THE ONEIROI were the dark-winged spirits (daimones) of dreams which emerged each night like a flock of bats from their cavernous home in Erebos--the land of eternal darkness beyond the rising sun. The Oneiroi passed through one of two gates (pylai). The first of these, made of horn, was the source of the prophetic god-sent dreams, while the other, constructed of ivory, was the source of dreams which were false and without meaning."
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A ritual anointing oil for works involving trance, dreamwork, or divination. Perfect as a scrying oil, or to anoint the temples during meditation or before sleep. A base of hemp oil, infused for hours with dried damiana and hand-picked mugwort. Set with a delicate, barely-there fragrance of galbanum and frankincense essential oils, and a touch of true ethically harvested ambergris. The fragrance is understated, but comes alive when warmed on the skin. Sweet, green, resinous, and with the slight bitter aroma of green tea leaves.