Open Portals Playing Cards

Open Portals is a fully illustrated poker-sized playing card deck by James R. Eads and can be used to play any card game. This deck is unique because each card has its own image and story. Within the box are TWO GUIDES that tell the myth of Open Portals and explain how to use the deck as both an Oracle Deck and a new energetic game of strategy and luck.

The Game is a hybrid between a classic card game and a more contemporary magic card game. In the game of Open Portals, four players represent the four Magics: TIME, LIGHT, NATURE AND SPIRIT Players use the powers of Gods to sway the balance of the game and call upon the Mythical Kuzo and Kaaos to tip the fates of other players, all while focusing on collecting portals for points. Timing is everything in this game of infinite possibilities!


  • One deck of cards
  • Two manuals (one for divination, one for the game)
  • Exterior box