Planetary Teas by Moon Cult Herbs

The perfect addition for rituals, meditation, divination or prayer.

The Sun*

A blend of solar herbs, made from chrysanthemum & calendula petals, cedar berries, roasted dandelion root and Genmaicha - a blend of green tea leaves and toasted rice.
Flavor notes: Toasted, Golden, Bright

The Moon
An herbal tea blend of lunar herbs, made from elderflower, mugwort, hops, marshmallow root and chamomile.
Flavor notes: Herbaceous, Bitter, Floral

A green tea blend of Mercurial herbs, made from lavender, spearmint, heather, licorice root and green tea pearls.
Flavor notes: Herbaceous, Floral, Aromatic

An herbal tea blend of Venusian herbs, made from honeysuckle, schisandra berries, rose hips, orange peel and red clover.
Flavor notes: Sweet, Aromatic, Floral

An herbal tea blend of Martial herbs, made from blessed thistle, basil, Hawthorne berries, safflower and raspberry leaf.
Flavor notes: Bitter, Aromatic, Astringent

An oolong tea blend of Jovian herbs, made from linden flower, lemon balm, pine needles, birch bark and oolong tea.
Flavor notes: Sweet, Malted, Light Citrus

A black tea blend of Saturnine herbs, made from blackberry leaf, cornflower, elderberry, horsetail and lapsang souchong - a smoky, fermented black tea.
Flavor notes: Earthy, Smoky, Slightly Sweet

*Contains caffeine 

Each tin contains 4 oz. of dried tea blend (measured by volume, not weight).

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