Polyhymnia by Venus Invictus


Top: Deer's Tongue + Chamomile + sugar + Saffron + Ho Wood
Middle: Violets + Hay + White Tea + Jasmine + Velvet
Base: White Amber + White Musk + Tonka Bean + Oak Moss + Vanilla Bean + Sandalwood

Polyhymnia smells like walking out of a floral garden, The top notes of Liatrix ( chemical found in deer's tongue similar to Coumarin ) give this hay vanilla scent which is accompanied by herbaceous chamomile and metallic saffron this trio pushes you to the forests edge where the sun shines bright on Magnificent dry Ho Wood. Middle notes soon follow giving life to a bright and memorable Herbal Jasmine and Hay. The dry down is something reminiscent of the energy of a matriarch, warm and protective. dreamy sandal and vanilla float on the skin till the very end.

** this is an alcohol based fragrance, great for spraying your clothes, garments, sweater, scarf, bag etc.  10ml bottle with atomizer, just pull off the top!